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Dan Hollenbeck

Dan Hollenbeck received his B.S degree in Jazz Studies from Central Connecticut State University in 2015. During his years there, he has played in the school's big band and jazz combos, and acts as an accompanist for jazz recitals. He is studying privately with Ken Fischer, a teacher and leader of Simsbury High School Jazz Groups, and has studied classical lessons in the past with Carolyn Halstead. He has had the opportunity to play with the Bristol Reunion Jazz Band, and currently plays and tours with rock group Elison Jackson.

Philip LeShane has been playing piano from a young age and is currently a senior at Portland High School.  Philip is a classical music enthusiast and enjoys learning and playing the works of Chopin among other classical pianists.  He is interested in teaching beginner students how to play sheet music, as well as learn the essentials of piano.  

Philip LeShane


John Valerio

John Valerio received his B.S. and M.S. degrees in music education from Western Conn. State College where he studied piano with Lawrence Honan of Danbury. Lie later studied with the late renowned John Mehegan. He has been a public school music teacher since 1972 and has been teaching in District 13 since December 1973. He can be seen performing throughout the New England area. 

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