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Thursday May 28 at 11am PST

ONLY $19

75 minutes, with a Q&A and tons of practical tools and solutions. 


Live via or watch the replay anytime for 7 days after the class ends.

If you've ever considered or are currently getting into Remote Recording, this is the class for you. Learn both the creative & the business side of recording remotely. For the past several years Remote Recording has been a consistent source of income for me. I will teach you what I've learned to do, not to do and how to leave your clients happy and sure to return!  

In This Masterclass you Will Learn How To:

• What equipment you need

• Getting great sounds on a budget

• How to set your rates

• How to communicate with clients

• How to advertise without feeling like a used car salesman

• How to deal with difficult clients

In his series of weekly MASTERCLASSES, Matt will lead an in-depth and detailed discussion on the foundational elements that will allow you to build a successful and sustainable career. "Throughout my career, I’ve seen musicians face the same challenges over and over," says Matt, “Each class is an in-depth look at an issue that has side-lined many talented people.” 

About Matt:

Matt Starr is a drummer, career coach, speaker and producer. He has toured and recorded with members of KISS, Guns n Roses, Bon Jovi, Mr Big and others. His column “The BIG Deal with Matt Starr” can be read in Drumhead magazine. He currently works with Ace Frehley and lives in Los Angeles with his wife and 2 kids. 

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